Open your heart to access your truth and let the light shine from within.

-Psychic Medium Leslie Werling


Leslie is a gifted and compassionate Psychic Medium and Reiki Master providing healing consultations out of Austin, Texas. In addition to psychic medium readings, she hosts workshops, Guided Angel Meditation Group, crystal energy healing and more! Please take time to explore the website, viewing the weekly guidance posted below and get to know Psychic Medium Leslie Werling.

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Guidance for the week of May 3rd

Stay Optimistic

While your journey may have been long and daunting at times, the angels are reminding you to stay focused, stay strong and optimistic so that you can complete this chapter on a note of success. Whether you seek an end to your struggles within an important relationship or seek change at home or at work, transition is soon to come and it would serve you well to focus on the results you'd like to achieve and steer away from the stress and fatigue you've endured. Doing so will help keep that optimism alive and attract the results your heart truly desires! And when the Universe delivers the outcome that you need, take whatever time may be necessary to rest and replenish your energy. You're going to need it and you'll be happy that you gave yourself the opportunity to recharge and reflect on this most important part of your path!

This card was pulled from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards deck by Doreen Virtue. All readings, interpretations & other content on this website are provided by Psychic Medium Leslie Werling.



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