Open your heart to access your truth and let the light shine from within.
-Psychic Medium Leslie Werling

Leslie is a gifted and compassionate Psychic Medium and Reiki Master providing healing consultations out of Austin, Texas and Raleigh, North Carolina. In addition to psychic medium readings, she hosts workshops, Guided Angel Meditation Group, crystal energy healing and more! Please take time to explore the website, viewing the weekly guidance posted below and get to know Psychic Medium Leslie Werling.

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Dates to Note:

1.13: 7:30pm eastern: Live meditation on YouTube

1.17: Phone sessions only - contact to schedule

2.18 - 21: Closed

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Guidance for the week of January 17th

Diana - Focused Intention

The strong and courageous triple goddess Diana reinforces the guidance we have been receiving of late: to stay focused with energy, optimism and intention so that you can create your hearts desire. Everyone has targets to attain in the near and distant future and it's important to stay connected to your vision each step of the way. Self-assess to ensure your actions and words align with your desires and use affirmations, a vision board or a list of goals so you can remain positive and trusting in the process. It's important to note, however, that with this message of focused intention comes a forewarning to protect that which you have created and that which you are working to build, indicating that your will and commitment will be tested along this journey. There will likely others who will challenge your intentions or whom may try to take credit for your success, or internally, revealing cracks in your self-confidence or self-worth in attaining greater abundance. So be prepared in the months ahead and always remember that your dreams are worth fighting for!

​This card was pulled from the Goddess Guidance oracle cards deck by Doreen Virtue. All readings, interpretations & other content on this website are provided by Psychic Medium Leslie Werling.



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