Light Work

Light work is a term used to describe spiritual-based healing practices that aim to promote a balanced, positive lifestyle to create well being on a grander scale. One who performs light work is often passionate about healing arts and is spiritually connected through intuitive and empathic skills, as well as the various clair-senses that they may be equipped with.
There are many ways in which Leslie connects with her guides in order to provide healing through angelic and spirit readings, meditations, workshops and crystal energy healing.
If you are unsure which option may be the best for your needs at this time, please feel free to contact us and we can assist you in deciding what will be the best option for you!

Psychic Medium Readings

Leslie works with the angels and your loved ones that have crossed over to bring messages to you in the hopes of providing clarification to questions/concerns, direction along your life path, messages of love, healing and peace. The readings can be done in the office, over the phone or video conferencing.

30 minutes: $100
45 minutes: $150
60 minutes: $

Please note the booking policies listed at the bottom of the page prior to scheduling.

Crystal Energy Healing Session

Sessions last approximately one hour. The client will receive a combination of any of the following treatments as needed: aura scan with balancing and clearing, cord cutting, past life revelation, psychic medium input, and guidance for continued self-healing. The session ends with a complete review of your chakras and any spiritual information that is offered as a part of your guidance. Experiencing this treatment often results in feeling energetically balanced and relaxed, and may result in decreased physical pain. If a client experiences an intense emotional release, fatigue often results as well.

It is not typical to have time left in the session for additional consultation. If you would like to reserve additional time, please consider scheduling the CEH plus 15 min. consultation when you book.

*Crystal Energy Healing: $150 

(Sessions over 60 minutes are charged per minute at the regular reading rate)

Crystal Energy Tune-up: $75
This session lasts approximately 30 minutes and consists of crystal energy healing, clearing, and balancing without the additional psychic medium guidance received in the full session.

*Service is not available at this time.

Q&A on YouTube Live!

Join us as Leslie answers your questions live on YouTube!

Questions can be submitted now via email or the contact page as well as during the broadcast, which will be recorded for viewing at your convenience.

The event begins at 11a CST.

Guided Angel Meditation Group

The Guided Angel Meditation Group (GAM Group) is open to individuals who are looking for an opportunity to connect with their angels, loved ones who have crossed, and other guides who may step forward. The intention behind this gathering is to strengthen our connection, to increase awareness of our Divine guidance as well as to balance and restore our energy sources while finding healing in a nurturing atmosphere. This is a group event where many people share their experiences - so please anticipate an open forum that allows participants to gain full benefit from the meditation.

Everyone in attendance receives energy healing. Everyone receives guidance.


​*November 13th*
7:30pm central

*Join Leslie as she goes live on her YouTube channel at 7:30pm central time. No purchase necessary.

The cost is $20 at the door or you can pay ahead via the checkout page.


2020 Meditation Schedule

Nature's Treasures Studio

Jan. 17th

March 13th

May 8th

July 10th

Sept. 11th

*Nov. 13th

*Event will be held virtually if local Covid mandates are not lifted.



New Workshop: Empathy & Intuition





Past Workshops

  • Intuition, Energy, Connection- Learn about using the natural abilities you’ve been given to be successful in life! Delve into what it means to be a being of energy and how this perspective can help you break down barriers that keep you from achieving happiness, good health, and good fortune. Work on establishing a connection with your angels and other guides to help you attract positive outcomes into your everyday life. All workshops offer a hands-on educational experience.

  • Exploring Guides and Psychic Connection- Learn about various types of guides that help us along our Divine Paths and develop a greater understanding of the ways in which they communicate with us. Gaining a deeper understanding of their methods of communication will assist you in creating a stronger connection with them, the ability to enhance your clair-senses, and develop a better understanding of the ins and outs of working with your gifts. This class is a hands-on educational experience for all attendees.

  • Manifesting to Receive Abundance - Offering an in-depth review of energy and ways to use this knowledge in order to identify and remove blocks that keep you from attaining goals, abundance in all forms, and harvesting joy in life. This information will allow you to provide deeper levels of healing, which you can use to open the doors abundance so that you can continue to receive. This class is a hands-on educational experience for attendees.  

  • Using Psychic Abilities -Learn about the various types of psychic abilities we possess in-depth, as well as how to use and enhance them and implement psychic protection. This class is heavy in hands-on learning and is recommended for individuals already practicing with and developing their psychic abilities

  • Sensitives and Psychics - This workshop is being created to help sensitive adults, gifted youth, and their families work with their psychic gifts and sensitivity to create awareness, understanding, and offer tools of empowerment. While the primary focus in developing this course has been to assist families, any sensitive individual would benefit from this course and will be welcome to attend. This workshop will include material to address:



  • An understanding of the psychic gifts

  • Energy protection practices

  • Additional tools and techniques of empowerment

  • Warning signs of negative energy/entities

  • Techniques to decipher the energy beings around you

This class was held at Leslie's old office at Pro Motion PT on Slaughter Lane in Nov. 2019. The content may be best for children 10 years and older, but exceptions may be made to include younger guests if suitable. Please contact us to determine if your younger loved one is appropriate for this event.

​Here are some tips to determine if this workshop is right for you or your family in the future:

  • The individual sees and hears things that others do not

  • Knowledge of things they should not/could not know (includes knowing about loved ones they never met)

  • A fear of being alone, going into certain areas of the house, around certain objects, and/or going to bed at night

  • Awareness of the emotional state of others, extreme emotional reactions, and/or adopting others' emotions for themselves

  • Unexplainable anxiety and difficulty staying present

  • Vivid, extreme, and intense dreams (includes dreams of past lives)

  • Interest in ghosts, death, loved ones who have crossed over and/or spiritual beings such as Buddha, angels, etc.

  • Expressing a feeling of being different from everyone else, even feeling like they're weird

Crystal Healing Workshop

This special event is being revamped to offer a more intense energy healing experience and more in-depth education on the chakras, crystals, and how to combine the two for personal healing and energetic expansion! Each participant will receive educational materials and a crystal chakra healing kit.

Learn what empathy and intuition are, how you can enhance and grow these gifts, and how to apply them in your day to day life. Leslie will also break down how to implement protection practices while using these gifts.  


This workshop will be hosted via Zoom on Saturday, November 7th from 10-12p CST.

Register now by clicking the button below.

Three Card Spread

Angel-guided readings using Tarot and/or oracle cards. If you have a particular question that you need guidance on, this is a great choice to get feedback on the situation as it has presented itself to you in the immediate past, as it currently stands, and in the future. Card readings that are done by email will contain the reading along with the card images that were pulled for you. Custom spreads are also available. Please inquire for rates according to need.

Three Card Spread by Email: $60

Booking Policies

  • All clients receive a text reminder of their appointment 1 - 2 business days prior to their session. Please respond to the text to confirm your scheduled time. You may request an email confirmation if preferred, however, we still require a response by the 1pm deadline. If confirmation of your attendance is not received by 1pm on the day you are contacted your booking will be canceled and your fees will be refunded. 

  • If you have confirmed your appointment and later cancel or no-show, there is a 50% fee charged for the missed appointment. If you have paid in full in advance and have canceled or no-showed, the remaining balance will be refunded to your credit card. Please keep a copy of your digital receipt for faster processing of your payment.

  • Please check back to the booking policies between scheduling and your set appointment date, as the policies may have been updated since you booked.

  • Any channeled information offered in a session is considered advice. Any action taken or choices made by the client following their session are the client's responsibility. Employees of Lightwork by Leslie, LLC and/ Psychic Medium Leslie Werling are not accountable for client actions and choices following a session.  

  • Remote sessions must be paid in full and will be invoiced via square if not prepaid via the checkout page.

  • Late arrivals are subject to the cost of the entire time booked. Please be conscious of traffic when scheduling your appointment.

  • Please respect the time frame of each client's appointment. Because there is no privacy in the office, we ask that clients not arrive greater than 5 minutes prior to their scheduled time and wait for clients to leave prior to entering the office.

  • Tickets for events and workshops are non-refundable, with exception to events canceled or postponed by Lightwork by Leslie, LLC.

  • Gift certificates never lose their value. However, after one year from the purchase date, there may be additional fees for the service if rates have increased.

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